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Star Trek Drabbles

To Bodly Write as No One has Written Before

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To Bodly Write as No One has Written Before
Hello and welcome! This is a fanfiction community dedicated to all of the different characters and parings of the Star Trek universe. Each Friday a new challenge will be posted and the author must incorporate that topic into their drabble.
Please feel free to join and to write, but please follow the rules below:

Drabbles must be kept to 200 words. Some drabbles are set at 100 words, but I know that this can be difficult for some people and the more words you have, the more you can say. So try to follow the word count as closely as possible.

Please feel free to write as many stories as you feel like. There is no limit as to how many stories you can write each week.

Mature drabbles are most welcome, but please keep all R rated drabbles behind an LJ Cut.

Drabbles submitted must be entered with the following information:

Word Count
Characters / Paring / Setting

Drabbles entered may be linked to the author's personal journal, but must remain public.

The weekly challenge will be posted on Fridays and you have one week's time to get your drabbles in.

Have fun! ^^

Your moderator lule_bell

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